Best payment apps to have on your phone

Best payment apps to have on your phone
With the world becoming more modernized, universal payments have been becoming more necessary especially with everyone becoming more familiar with products that are international based or just ones that are within the country. Whether it’s based off paying things such as household utilities, important bills like insurance and even just shopping from websites online or at the local store; having your card on your phone regardless if it’s on app or a digital wallet has become more ideal. It’s only a bonus that you don’t have to carry around your physical wallet making it better for contactless payments.
Furthermore, taking in these eight apps, let me explain why you should consider having one of these apps at hand next time you want to pay for something big like insurance or maybe even something small during your trip to the store.
Apple Pay is probably the easiest thing to have on your phone especially if you’re an Apple user. These days almost every website or store takes Apple Pay in order to assure a faster process at checkout. Whether you’re buying shoes online or at the boba shop trying to pay for your drink, Apple Pay allows many to pay for things at the tap of their phone with the shipping address already being saved in order to avoid unnecessary time. Not only that, but Apple now allows people to send money through iMessage.
Samsung Pay just like Apple Pay serves the same purpose but for Samsung users instead.
Google Pay which is formerly known as Android Pay, is exactly like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay but it is more opened towards other phone types that aren’t supported by the two phone brands.
PayPal is known to be one of the biggest money exchange apps there is. Anybody can send money to a business when purchasing things online or even to their family or friends. It also allows people to send money abroad by altering the money currencies accurately for somebody on the other side to receive.
WeChat Pay, although only really used in China, is actually one of the most important money apps there is. People use this app to pay for utilities or medical bills that need insurance, entertainment or just for anything they really want. WeChat Pay has it all.
Venmo is exactly just like PayPal but more widely used among the younger crowd especially college students!

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