Our Service For Charities

At WeCovr we understand the insurance needs of charities so we work with various insurers to create policies that are designed for charities and other non-profit organisations.

Insurers offer a comprehensive selection of core covers, along with a number of additional extras, enabling us to tailor insurance to your unique needs.

Plus they can provide cover for schools that require cover for volunteers and events so you’re free to focus on organising and fundraising. 

Core elements

Core components of an insurance package for charities typically Includes:

  • contents insurance to protect your property,
  • buildings cover to protect the bricks and mortar assets,
  • liability insurance to cover staff and volunteers,
  • loss of income or gross profits in the event of an interruption to your business.

We can arrange policies covering the above risks of your organisation with many major insurers including specialist ones for non-standard or high risk charities.

If you would like to discuss your insurance requirements for your voluntary or non-profit organisation, please reach out to us on 0203 797 1287, click this Online Quote button or fill in this quick form below.

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