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Insures the excess on the underlying commercial vehicle policy up to £2000 regardless of fault


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Excess Protect Commercial Motor:

  • Single Excess Reimbursement

    Reimbursement of a single excess paid under a valid commercial vehicle insurance policy

  • UK + any EU country as per own policy

    Valid claims that occur in the United Kingdom and any country in the EU outlined in your own commercial motor policy

  • Joint holders and named drivers

    You and any joint policyholders or named drivers on the commercial motor insurance for a single excess


Interesting Facts

  • Commercial vehicles are often left parked on busy streets and as a result they become victims of hit and run's by other motorists.
  • Through no fault of their own, commercial vehicle owners are having to pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of their insurance policy's excess as it's not covered by standard insurance policies.
  • Top tip for smart savers: save money on your standard insurance with excess while covering it with one of our great
  • value excess products!

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