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A package of golf insurance benefits available for UK residents to cover either a single trip or multiple trips, within the geographical area and your cover dates


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Golf Insurance Diamond:

  • Golfing Equipment £5,000

    Golfing Equipment £5,000, Excess of £100 Will replace or pay the cost of replacing the item of golfing equipment, with a similar article of like kind, function and quality

  • Personal Liability £5,000,000

    Personal Liability £5,000,000, Excess of £250

  • Personal Accident £50,000

    Personal Accident £50,000, Excess of Nil

  • Golf Club Membership Fees £1,500

    Golf Club Membership Fees £1,500, Excess of £100

  • Accidental Damage £2,500

    Accidental Damage £2,500, Excess of £100

  • Personal Effects £500

    Personal Effects £500, Excess of £100

  • Hole In One £500

    Hole In One £500, Excess of Nil

  • Golf Equipment Hire £200

    Golf Equipment Hire £200, Excess of £100

  • Tournament Entry Fees £250

    Tournament Entry Fees £250, Excess of Nil

  • Coverage geography: Worldwide

    Coverage geography: Worldwide


Interesting Facts

  • Research revealed that thousands of injuries are suffered on the golf courses of the UK every year. From being struck on the body by another player’s wayward drive, or getting caught by a member of your party if they accidentally let go of their club.
  • Litigious culture and growth of “no win, no fee” lawyers means that if your misplaced tee shot strikes another player and injured them, it’s possible a legal action may be taken.
  • In 2007 a golfer lost an eye after being struck by another player’s ball with the amount payable of a substantial £400,000!
  • It's a misconception that if a golf club has its own insurance it will cover those who play the course. While the club’s own public liability cover would protect its own interests if its negligence was to blame for an injury, if a claim comes about because of your negligence, it’s likely that you will be on your own.
  • It goes without saying that golf is a relatively expensive pastime. A set of good level golf clubs can mean shelling out hundreds, or even thousands of pounds. It's simply prudent to add a good of protection to your belongings.

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