What Is Home Emergency Insurance?

Covers a wide range of household emergency situations and includes an annual boiler inspection
Not available on comparison websites

Core elements

Cover includes:

  • Emergency at your property – In an emergency like the ones below, an engineer will be sent to your property to inspect and make safe.
  • Plumbing and Drainage – Fixing internal water leakage, flooding or water damage
  • Electricity Supply – Restoring power to your property after its complete failure
  • Security – Assistance in making your home secure should your locks fail
  • Roofing – Fixing damage to the roof of your property due to bad weather conditions or falling trees or branches
  • Alternative Accommodation – Up to £250 towards a hotel room if your house is declared unsafe
  • Cooker / Oven – Assistance in restoring a way for you to heat and prepare food if the cooker oven stops working
  • Water Supply – Restoring your water supply following a leakage, collapse or blockage of the mains water supply
  • Gas Supply – Restoring the gas supply following failure of the gas supply from the meter
  • Pest Infestation – Assistance in removal and control of a pest infestation that occurs within your home

We can arrange policies covering the above via our app available on the links below  

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