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Covers in the event of an emergency at the home that you have rented out, at which point we will send an engineer to make safe the emergency and provide repairs


Awesome features

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  • Emergency at your tenanted property

    In the event of an emergency like the ones below, an approved engineer will be sent to your tenanted property to inspect and make safe the issue.

  • Plumbing and Drainage

    Fixing internal water leakage, flooding or water damage

  • Electricity Supply

    Restoring power to your property after its complete failure

  • Security

    Assistance in making your property secure should your locks fail

  • Roofing

    Fixing damage to the roof of your property due to bad weather conditions or falling trees or branches

  • Alternative Accommodation

    Up to £250 towards a hotel room for your tenants if your property is declared unsafe

  • Cooker / Oven

    Assistance in restoring a way for you to heat and prepare food if the cooker oven stops working

  • Water Supply

    Restoring your water supply following a leakage, collapse or blockage of the mains water supply

  • Gas Supply

    Restoring the gas supply following failure of the gas supply from the meter

  • Pest Infestation

    Assistance in removal and control of a pest infestation that occurs within your property


Interesting Facts

  • Last year, nearly one in five homes had their boilers break down, costing an average of £245 each time it happened!

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