What's Gap, Rti And Rvi Insurance?


GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, RTI for Return To Invoice and RVI for Replacement Vehicle Insurance. These covers pay the difference between insurance payout following a total loss and amount on outstanding finance or cost of a replacement vehicle or purchase price

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GAP Protection:

  • Cover Your Shortfall

    Top up your motor total loss payout up to: • The invoice price; or • The cost of a matching replacement; or • The outstanding finance agreement

  • Motor Insurance Excess

    Any motor insurance policy excess up to £250.00

  • Transferability

    Transfer any remaining duration of your policy to a replacement similar-band vehicle

  • Quick Claim Turnarounds

    Fast claim settlement service


Interesting Facts

  • 75% of value is lost by some car models in three years, leaving the owner owing lender more than the car's worth!
  • With growing numbers of vehicles being financed, this may mean a substantial liability on your part. Protect yourself at our very affordable rate today!
  • Around 600,000 vehicles are written off in the UK every year. What are the chances of it happening to you?

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