10 Surprising Deals UK Seniors Should Know About!

By Joanne Godspeed | Last updated 30/04/2024

If you're a senior, you deserve to save some money! As a result, our Money-Hero.org team has compiled a list of ten surprising advantages, benefits, and offers UK seniors can take advantage of! We've also provided you with the direct links on this page to help make it easy for you to take advantage of them! From delicious food, to amazing new gadgets, and opportunities to put cash in your pocket... these are the Top 10 Deals And Benefits UK Seniors Should Know About!

1. New Opportunity Lets You Get Private Medical Insurance At Shockingly Low Rates!

With strain on the NHS increasing all the time, a growing number of UK residents are getting Private Medical Insurance (P.M.I.). Many feel that Private Medical Insurance has significant benefits, including -Prompt, friendly care; -Increased freedom of choice; -Lack of wait times and easier scheduling; -Private rooms; -Custom-tailored plans; -And numerous other positives... Many people believe Private Medical Insurance is too expensive, and only for the wealthy, but this is absolutely NOT the case today. Health Window have spent years helping customers find high-quality PMI plans at the most affordable rates possible, and they are currently helping UK residents get PMI plans for as low as £21 per month!* If you're interested to find out what YOU qualify for, then click your corresponding icon below to visit their website and get started immediately! Find Out What You Qualify For!

2. Huge Discounts On In-Home Stairlifts For Seniors!

Problem: Many seniors lose mobility as they age, or become more likely to get injured using the stairs. At the same time, many aren't in a position to change homes just because of this... Solution: The new Stairlift-Quotes website! Stairlift-Quotes exists to help UK seniors get the absolute best deals possible on in-home stairlifts, and can often help seniors find deals at massive discounts! To see just how affordable an in-home stairlift can be, visit the Stairlift-Quotes website and sign up for your free consultation now! Visit Stairlift-Quotes Now! 3. Awesome Dining Deals Only Seniors Can Get! One of the biggest benefits of being a senior is the amazing deals you can get eating out, and the below list contains a mouth-watering number of opportunities! Note: While these are common deals we have found through our extensive research, they are not guaranteed- each individual branch of each restaurant may have their own policies- so make sure to check ahead of time to be 100% sure :) -Hungry Horse Pubs: a ‘Golden Years’ menu for over 60s -Greene King Pubs: special savings for seniors -McDonald’s: savings on coffee and beverages (55+) at most locations (check your local branch for confirmation) -Wendy’s: free coffee or other perks depending on location -Nando's: varying senior deals by date and location, plus 20% off for military/police/first responders -Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location -Dobbies: a Senior Citizens lunch that includes two courses and a tea or coffee for just £7.45 (available Tuesdays from 12noon-3pm) -Krispy Kreme: 10% off (50+) -KFC: free small drink with any meal depending on location (55+) -Pizza Hut: special savings for 50+ up to 50% off! (check your local branch) -Burger King: 10% savings on purchase depending on location (60+) 4. A Funeral Plan To Protect Against Exorbitant Funeral Costs Funeral plans used to be rare- however- the cost of funerals has risen so exorbitantly over the last two decades that today, smart seniors across the UK are taking advantage of them, in order to make sure their loved ones are protected from the financial burden of a passing. A funeral plan can save you significant money, and most of all provide you peace of mind. With that being the case, its no wonder that so many seniors are utilizing revolutionary new online resources like this website to find the best and most affordable funeral plans available from the UK's top providers! Click your location on the map below to see how much you can save! Protect From Exorbitant Funeral Costs! 5. Senior Rail Pass Savings! UK residents over age 60 can save big with a Senior Railcard too. For £30 a year you get a third off all rail travel! If you live in or visit Wales and are aged over 55 you can travel throughout the country by train at discounted rates with an Arriva Club 55 ticket. This offer means that all return tickets in Wales are £27, potentially saving you a lot of money. And National Express offers a third off its standard coach fares for over 60's! 6. The Equity Release Industry Has Changed Dramatically, And UK Homeowners Age 60+ Are Benefitting! An 'Equity Release' allows homeowners age 60+ to access tax-free cash via the equity they've built up in their home, without having to sell it or rent it out. You can use this cash for whatever you want - living expenses, retirement investing, or even that vacation you've always wanted! In past decades Equity Releases weren't always the best option for seniors, but today, things have changed dramatically. The industry is highly regulated, competition between Equity Release providers is fierce (which is great for homeowners!), and interest rates are at record lows. As a result, seniors are getting Equity Releases at shockingly good terms, and accessing far more cash than they ever expected! If you're over age 60 and own your own home, then click the button below to visit our #1 recommended Equity Release website, and find out exactly how much cash you qualify to receive! Some seniors are accessing well into six figures of cash with which to support themselves in retirement! See What You Qualify For Now! 7. Make Sure You're Getting Your Senior Car Insurance Savings! As a person who’s been on the road for about 40+ years, you probably feel pretty confident about your driving skills. So it sounds fair to pay less given all the great experience you’ve gained over the years, right? Well, many insurers feel the same way! They reward senior drivers with better rates on their car insurance... If you have a good driving record, you can take advantage of specialty policies that can offer competitive premiums as a reflection of the lower-risk nature of your good driving habits - just make sure to ask to confirm you're getting the lower rate! 8. Free Registration With The UK's #1 Dating Site For Singles Age 40+! We've done extensive research on the various senior dating options out there and believe the best by far is True Life Partner - the UK imprint of a larger worldwide dating service called Singles50. It's actually not just for seniors either, but everyone age 40 and up! Based on our research, they stand far above any other UK dating site, based on their success rates; usability; and commitment to user privacy. And... by signing up right now you can get: -Free registration; -Free scientific personality test and results; -Free description of your ideal partner; -Free partner recommendations... Sign up now by inputting your email and creating a password at the official True Life Partner website! Register For Free And Meet Someone Special 9. Special Deals On Museums, Historic Sites, And Outdoor Opportunities The UK has no shortage of amazing cultural opportunities and avenues for exploring nature, and seniors get some amazing advantages in this area as well! A number of museums offer deals for over-60's, including the Imperial War Museums, Tate Modern, National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, and Royal Observatory. In addition, seniors can only get special savings opportunities with English Heritage and National Trust! 10. UK Residents Age 50-75 Can Now Claim Up To £20,000 Life Cover To Protect Their Loved-Ones! If you're a UK resident age 50-75 then this opportunity is one you will want to see! It allows you to claim up to £20,000 of life cover (or more) with which to protect your loved-ones. In the past, many seniors did not get life insurance because they thought it was too expensive, but today, sites like this one are helping UK over-50's get high-quality life insurance for as little as £5 a month!* This is a great way to leave something to your loved-ones without breaking the bank, and the whole process can be accomplished in just minutes! To get started, just click your age below to claim YOUR cover today! 50 - 60 Years Old 60 - 70 Years Old 70 - 75 Years Old Conclusion Happy savings! (and don't forget these special offers!!) -Get an incredible deal on Private Medical Insurance! -Access income for retirement if you're a homeowner, with a high-quality Equity Release! -Get protection from oppressive funeral costs with a top-notch Funeral Plan! -Age 50-75? Get £20,000 Life Cover with which to protect your loved-ones!

However, the good news is that all these unbelievably high costs can be easily avoided.

How? By taking out an affordable life insurance policy. Not only it is a lot cheaper, but it is also easier and faster to arrange than you might think.

Would you like to protect your loved ones against expensive and rising funeral costs? Get an affordable senior life insurance policy. It is certainly worth it because it is so important.

By not taking care of this in advance, serious financial consequences and unnecessary additional stress would be inflicted upon your grieving loved ones at an already difficult and stressful time.

On the other hand, senior life or funeral insurance policies offer tax-free payouts, premiums that never increase over time and benefits that never decrease. With premiums starting from as affordable levels as only a few pennies per day, it is one of the cheapest and smartest ways to leave a sum of money to your loved ones, rather than make them to take on an unnecessary debt to help pay for funeral and other costs....

With so many life insurance and funeral insurance options to choose from - how do I know which one to choose?

Arranging one is really easy and the sooner you take out the policy, the more beneficial the premium rates are going to be. So it is in really important to lock in an affordable premium level as soon as possible so that it won't grow over time.

In its 2019 CMA Funerals markets study, the UK government found that the price of essential elements of a funeral has increased twice as fast as inflation over the past 14 years. With proper insurance coverage, your relatives will be protected by a major insurance company from this increasingly heavy burden.

Many people are starting to realise this and are now rushing to purchase a cost-effective funeral or life insurance policy that covers their beneficiaries against funeral costs, helps pay off debts or other expenses within the limit of coverage purchased.

Thankfully, no medical exams are required to qualify and acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents of all ages.

To find the best senior life insurance plan for your circumstances, simply follow these steps to avoid saddling your loved ones with an unnecessary financial burden when it is time to go.

👉 1) Select age to see what cover you qualify for

👉 2) On the following page, complete a quick and easy questionnaire, so that a free no-obligations custom quote can be prepared for you by experienced FCA-authorised life insurance experts which could possibly save your loved ones many thousands of pounds.⬇️

Select your age to see what cover you qualify for

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