Affordable private medical health insurance: easier than you think

By Joanne Godspeed | Last updated 31/03/2024

Why wait for treatment or surgery? Join the thousands of Britons choosing private medical health insurance (PMI) to get back on their feet quicker than otherwise.

What does a PMI policy actually cover?

Private medical insurance is designed to cover treatment for acute illnesses, diseases or injuries. Though the exact coverage you get from PMI varies and depends upon the policy that you buy. We would never recommend you to buy a policy without first learning about treatments and plans available from different private health insurance providers. You can easily do so by booking a free consultation with award-winning insurance experts who can help you find a plan that fits your particular circumstances. Basic cover will usually provide coverage for the cost of most daycare surgery and in-patient treatments, including tests and surgery. Other policies will extend cover to out-patient treatments too, including treatments by consultants and specialists.


How can I avoid long NHS waiting lists if I fall sick?

One of the greatest advantages of having a private medical insurance policy in place is that you will have priority access to expert private medical help should you or your family ever need it. Treatments administered quicker can make a huge difference for a less traumatic and more efficient recovery. Depending upon the terms of your policy, the main costs of your treatment will be covered. Unfortunately, long waiting lists are inevitable within our amazing NHS for all but the most acute medical emergencies, and private medical insurance policies are often taken even by NHS medical professionals themselves such as doctors and nurses. They are keen to avoid being out of action because of those long queues should they or their loved ones need a faster treatment than would be available otherwise.

But I'm healthy, do I really need private medical insurance?

A PMI policy, similarly to other insurance policies, protects you against future risks, not those already happened in the past or in the present. It's actually a great time to take your PMI than when you're healthy - if you wait to become sick, it might be too late. The reason is that most policies do not include pre-existing conditions that you've suffered in the 5 years prior to taking your policy - so getting covered while you're fit and healthy is actually the most effective way for locking in your good health....

What are some of the top treatments PMI policy holders tend to claim for?

As an indication of the treatments private health insurance is used for, the greatest number of claims one of major private health insurers in the UK receives are as follows:

👉 Musculoskeletal problems (for example, back or neck pain)
👉 Digestive system conditions (for example, gastroenteritis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome)
👉 Cancer
👉 Heart and circulatory diseases (for example, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia – an abnormal heart rhythm)
👉 Eye and ear conditions (for example, labyrinthitis – an inner ear imbalance)

So what are the benefits of a PMI policy?

In a nutshell, a private medical insurance policy allows you to get back on your feet quicker than otherwise by allowing you to enjoy the following benefits.

✅ Avoid long NHS waiting lists of many weeks and get treated faster with private medical insurance, which can be often important for a faster and more successful recovery
✅ Get early diagnosis so you can get the treatment you need right away done privately
✅ Business owners can save on their tax bill with private medical insurance
✅ You are free to choose your surgeon or hospital to suit your needs by place and time
✅ You often get a private room with better facilities for your treatment or surgery
✅ With private medical health insurance you gain access to advanced treatments not available on the NHS

We insure our cars, houses, bicycles and even bags! Yet our health is one of the most precious things we have.

Buying life, critical illness and private medical health insurance is easily one of the most important insurance purchases an individual or family can make in their lifetime. Therefore, it's crucial to consult with a qualified and independent specialist who will assist in making it happen. Free consultations are currently available for booking via this link.

Ok, sounds really interesting, how can I find out more about different options available and which policy to choose?

Glad you asked. It's actually very simple. Here’s how you do it:

👉 1) Select age to see what cover you qualify for

👉 2) On the following page, complete a quick and easy questionnaire so that the award-winning FCA-authorised private medical health insurance experts can prepare a FREE no-obligations custom quote for you, which could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

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