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Your Accident & Sickness insurance plans include free and unlimited access to virtual GP and wellness service from anywhere in the world!

Cover starts from just pennies per day. Don't let the unforeseen events derail your life. Get an affordable cover with free and unlimited access to virtual GP and wellbeing service centre for you and your loved ones!

How it works?

Metlife Summary Coverage
Metlife Summary Coverage

EverydayProtect offers valuable assistance to you, your partner, or your family by providing a lump sum in the event of an injury, death, or hospitalization in the UK due to an accident. An accident is an unforeseen occurrence that happens by chance. EverydayProtect ensures coverage for a diverse range of accidental injuries, including broken bones and those with a substantial impact on your quality of life. Additionally, after a 12-month period, it extends coverage to hospital stays in the UK for sickness. With optional coverage available for children, active lifestyles, and healthcare, you have the flexibility to customize your protection according to your specific needs.


Your wellbeing matters

Wellbeing Support Centre, in partnership with Health Assured, offers valuable assistance that empowers you to regain control when faced with unexpected challenges or setbacks in life. Through their comprehensive services, you gain access to a team of qualified professionals, including counsellors, legal advisors, and registered nurses, all capable of providing support and guidance for the everyday obstacles you may encounter. Furthermore, this support extends to your immediate family members residing in the same household, encompassing your spouse or partner, siblings, parents, and legal dependents. Additionally, if you have children or legal dependents who are in full-time education and living in the UK but not residing with you, they are also eligible for this valuable assistance. By leveraging these resources, you can take a significant step towards securing an excellent insurance plan for your family with minimal hassle.

The Wellbeing Support Centre covers three areas of wellbeing, you can get help with:

Metlife Summary Coverage

No one knows when exactly they need Accident & Sickness insurance, and when they do, it might be too late

As with other financial decisions in life, it pays to start early. Speaking to our FCA-authorised advisers is one of the best steps you can take to secure a great insurance plan for your family with minimal hassle


Virtual GP access for the whole family with GP24

HealthHero, the premier digital-first health service provider in Europe, offers GP24, an accessible and reliable service that operates round-the-clock, every day of the year. This means that regardless of your location in the world, you can receive unlimited advice, reassurance, and, when necessary, diagnosis. The convenience is in your hands as you have the freedom to select a time and day that best suits your schedule. Additionally, you can choose between video or phone appointments and even specify your preference for a male or female doctor. With the ability to book online within minutes, HealthHero ensures that accessing healthcare is quick and effortless for you.

Take the first step today and begin enjoying the benefits alongside your family

Metlife Summary Coverage

What do I need to get a Accident & Sickness insurance quote?

To put an Accident & Sickness insurance plan in place, you’ll just need to tell us:

  • your name
  • date of birth (cover can be bought by 18-65-year olds UK residents only)
  • your occupation
  • and your preferred contact details

The options our advisers provide will also address extras you might want to consider, such as critical illness or income protection cover


One of the most effective ways to protect family's finances

Many UK families still don’t realise that accident & sickness insurance is one of the most effective and efficient ways to protect their family's finances in case of accidents or illnesses


If you run a business - elevate your team's well-being!

By incorporating our plans into your employee benefits, you demonstrate a strong commitment to the health and well-being of your employees. Starting from just pennies per day, our plans provide affordable coverage. But that's not all - by enrolling in our plans, your employees will gain access to a wide array of complimentary services. From 24/7 online GP to resources dedicated to mental health, financial and physical well-being, WeCovr has you covered.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Any questions?

Why should I get accident & sickness insurance?

Accident & sickness insurance is a safety net, very important at a difficult time. If anything happened to you before your cover ends, your accident & sickness insurance would pay a lump sum to you. Being diagnosed with an illness or having an injury can be devastating and it won't help matters to be also worrying about how you would cope financially. With an accident & sickness policy, you can choose how much cover you need, how you want the policy to pay out and whether you want cover for both you and your partner. It is quite important for anyone who relies on a paycheck to cover their living costs, but it's particularly important if you’re self-employed or own a small business, where your income might be a bit less stable.

Does accident & sickness insurance really pay out?

Accident & sickness insurance pays out millions to families every day. Your expert will explain to you that you need to be honest and open when applying for your insurance.

Do I need cover if I am single?

If you’re single with no dependants, if you were to become seriously ill or injured, you may benefit from an accident & sickness policy. It can help you keep up to date with your rent, bills, food and other expenses.

How much does it really cost?

It's free to use WeCovr to find accident & sickness insurance - we never charge you for quotes. Accident & sickness insurance is a small investment that can pay for itself many times over both for you and your loved ones.

Why do I need to speak to someone?

Accident & sickness insurance is an important financial product that insurance companies take a lot of care and diligence so speaking to real human beings ensures that they understand your requirements fully so that you can get the right cover.

Are your insurance partners trustworthy?

All of our partners are carefully vetted and authorised by the FCA, which means they are held to the highest standards that the FCA expects from them and treat all customers fairly!

How do you make money if the quotes are free to get?

Our insurance partners give us a few pounds when you take out a policy with them.

The guidance contained within the website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted at customers in the UK. A FCA regulated expert will contact you after you submit your details to discuss further. WeCovr is a trading style of Political And Credit Risks Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 735613.