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WeCovr offers multiple channels for your users to benefit from insurance via our platform -- from API's to mobile and web apps. Great products offered in the most convenient ways. Getting embedded insurance and offering it to your users has never been faster and easier. Reach out to us to discuss custom integrations for your audience

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WeCovr has successfully launched and developed the first-ever by-the-hour embedded motor excess insurance product in the UK market delivered seamlessly via our APIs. Amongst others, we've provided over 100,000 policies for just one of our valued partners, allowing its drivers to protect themselves against damage to their vehicles whilst parked and benefit from affordable by-the-hour pricing.
At the same time, our partners have been able to enhance their customer proposition and revenues by embedding a valuable and value-adding service into their offerings.

Multiple benefits for all parties involved


We work to the specific requirements of our partners and their users, negotiating with our insurance providers and creating bespoke products when necessary.

Seamless APIs

Our products are integrated completely into our partners workflows via APIs, creating a seamless user experience

Save Time

Our customers' clients save time by being able to buy value-adding products right when they need them rather than leaving themselves uninsured

Save Money

We do the heavy-lifting behind the scenes, while helping clients both save money for their customers and generate an additional revenue stream

Trusted by 100,000+ Policyholders

We've already helped over 100,000 policyholders protect their financial risks against various perils and are well on our way to help many more.

Why Choose WeCovr

FCA Authorised And Regulated

WeCovr is authorised and regulated by the FCA with qualifications from top insurance, business and tech bodies

Technology-driven and knowledgeable

We are technologists who have also worked in the insurance and finance industry for over 20 years

Wide Product Range

Many different providers and products already available on our platform and many more we have access to on a customised basis

How WeCovr Works

For Insurance Users

1. Choose Your Insurance

Choose your best insurance among our vast product offering

2. Get a quote

Getting a quote is super fast or reach out to us for a bespoke solution

3. Done

Once you've chosen and bought your insurance online you are all set

For Businesses Who Want To Add Insurance To Their Offerings

1. Choose Your Insurance

Decide on which insurance your products can benefit from emdedding insurance into

2. Reach out to us

Set up your bespoke offering using our solutions

3. Done

Once you've added your insurance products, enjoy better customer experience and sales

For Insurance Providers

1. Choose Products You Want To Offer

Choose products you would like to offer

2. Reach out to us

Contact us to discuss your products and get them onboarded

3. Done

Get your products in front of our audiences through our omni-channel offerings

Thank you for choosing WeCovr!

Embedded Insurance Specialists

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Insurance capacity providers on our platform include some of the major global insurance groups

Zenith Insurance Plc
Allianz Group
Lloyd's Syndicates
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