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Life insurance and other coverages for Commercial Divers

As a commercial diver, what you do is a very important and dangerous work. That's why it's crucial that you have peace of mind as you work. Read on to find out how we can help you achieve that by protecting your family while you undertake your higher-risk commercial diving work.
WeCovr prides itself on helping people employed in higher-risk occupations to get life insurance, income protection, critical illness and other important insurance covers. At WeCovr we know that you want to be known as a responsible spouse and parent to your family. In order to do that you require insurance.
The problem is you might think you don't qualify, or worse, you believe you can't afford it and this makes you feel defeated and frustrated. We believe every person should have access to affordable life insurance that prevents their families from financial devastation should they die or get injured or critically ill.
We understand the weight of this responsibility. We've been helping families get affordable insurance for years. You, too, deserve to have that additional comfort from knowing that your dependents are protected should the worst happen to you or should you be affected by illness or injury.
Commercial diving is viewed as a hazardous occupation, and insurance premiums vary depending on which activities you undertake on a daily basis.
Some of the industries where Commercial Diving professionals operate include:
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Construction industry
  • Telecoms
  • Emergency services
  • Military
WeCovr helps Commercial Divers get great insurance coverage because we are not limited to the services of any single insurance company. Our experts will analyse your requirements and connect with a wide network of underwriters that specialise in high-risk occupations, therefore getting you the most competitive quote.

Why is commercial diving seen as a high-risk profession by insurers?

Unlike recreational divers, Commercial Divers typically operate at extreme depths. While a recreational diver may dive to 40 meters or 135 feet, Commercial Divers can easily do important oil and gas work at depths of up to 600 meters or 2000 feet. Far from recreattional pleasant shallow dives arond coral reefs, they are working in cold waters and heavy gear fixing rigs and replacing cables at very large depths for any human to operate on.
As a result of such extreme conditions, Commercial Divers are particularly vulnerable to contracting serious conditions such as:
  • Pulmonary barotrauma
  • Nitrogen narcosis
  • Generalised barotrauma or caisson disease
  • Hypothermia
  • High-pressure nervous syndrome
  • Dysbaric osteonecrosis
This is just a partial list which explains why insurers are having to adjust insurance premiums to higher levels for people engaged in Commercial Diving compared to jobs in an office setting in other industries.

Commercial Diving Life Insurance cover - questions you may be asked

As a Commercial Diver you will want to have a quote as competitive and best value-for-money as possible for your important occupation. This is also our goal for you, which is why we will need to go through a fact-finding list of questions with you that insurance underwrite will want to know:
  • Duration and frequency of dives
  • Typical diving depth
  • Sectors where you operate
  • What equipment you use
  • Your qualifications
If you are a Commercial Diver and need life insurance or related coverages, WeCovr's award-winning FCA-authorised adviser panel will be happy to help.

Critical Illness Cover for Commercial Divers

Critical Illness Cover for Commercial Divers is designed to pay out a lump sum if you have to go through a medical procedure or are diagnosed with a critical illness and survive at least ten days from diagnosis. The lump sum amount is to assist dependents financially while letting you concentrate on your diagnosis and recovery without having to worry about finances.
Your question here may also include:
  • Do you use of explosives?
  • Any other hazardous materials handled?
  • Do you dive using mixed gas?
  • What locations and depths do you work in?
The list of illnesses that are part of critical illness cover includes but are not limited to some of the following:
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Blindness
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Some types of cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

Income Protection Cover for Commercial Divers

As a Commercial Diver, you're performing a well-paid work because of its higher-risk nature. So if you are unable to work due to injury or illness, you may also benefit from having an income protection cover in place. It will provide a regular income for an agreed period. For an income protection cover for a commercial diver, WeCovr's experts will need to know your financial and monetary circumstances, such as:
  • What level of income will you require and your monthly income after tax
  • Your mortgage or rent payments as well as other costs of living
  • Any debts and income of any dependents
To provide an accurate quote and offer you best value-for-money insurance plans, WeCovr's insurance partners will need to ask several questions, including:
  • How long do you want your policy to last?
  • Do you want level or decreasing cover?
  • Do you want to add a terminal benefit to your critical illness cover?
Get a free, no-obligation quote today for Commercial Divers Insurance cover – protect your family! It's important for everyone and especially when you undertake high-risk Commercial Diving work!

Benefits offered by life insurance

Life insurance, income protection and critical illness insurance are indispensable for every family because a child loses a parent every 22 minutes in the UK, while every single day tragically 60 people suffer major injuries on the UK roads. Some people become unable to work because of sickness or disability.

Life insurance cover pays out a lump sum to your family, loved ones or whomever you choose to get the money. This can be used to secure the financial future of your loved ones meaning they would not have to struggle financially in the event of your death.

If it's a critical illness cover, the payout happens sooner - upon diagnosis of a serious illness, disability or medical condition, easing the financial hardship such an event inevitably brings.

Income protection insurance can be very important for anyone who relies on a pay check to cover their living costs, but it's especially important if you’re self-employed or own a small business, where your employment and income is a bit less stable. It pays a regular income if you can't work because of sickness or disability and continues until you return to paid work or you retire.

Types of life insurance policies

Common reasons for getting a life insurance policy are to:
✅ Leave behind an amount of money to keep your family comfortable
✅ Protect the family home and pay off the mortgage in full or in part
✅ Pay for funeral costs

Starting from as little as a couple of pounds per week, you can do all that with a Life Policy.

Level Term Life Insurance
One of the simplest forms of life insurance, level term life insurance works by selecting a length of time for which you would want to be covered and then deciding how much you would like your loved ones to receive should the worst happen. Should your life insurance policy pay out to your family, it would be in a lump sum amount that can be used in whatever way the beneficiary may wish.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance
Decreasing term life insurance works in the same way as level term, except the lump sum payment amount upon death decreases with time. The common use for decreasing term life cover is to protect against mortgage repayment as the lump sum decreases along with the principal of the mortgage itself.

Increasing Term Life Insurance
Increasing term life insurance aims to pay out a cash sum growing each year if the worst happens while covered by the policy. With increasing term life cover amount insured increases annually by a fixed amount for the length of the policy. This can protect your policy's value against inflation, which could be advantageous if you’re looking to maintain your loved ones’ living standards, continue paying off your mortgage in line with its repayment schedule and cover your children’s education fees.

Whole of Life Insurance
Whereas term life insurance policies only pay out if you pass away during their term, whole of life insurance pays out to your beneficiaries whenever this should happen. The most common uses for whole life insurance are to cover the costs of a funeral or as a vehicle for your family's inheritance tax planning.

Family Income Benefit
Family income benefit is a somewhat lesser-known product in the family of life insurance products. Paying out a set amount every month of year to your beneficiaries, it is the most cost-effective way of maintaining your family's living standards to an age where you'd expect them to be able to support themselves financially. The most common use would be for a family with children who are not working yet so are unable to take care of themselves financially.

Relevant Life Insurance
Relevant Life Insurance is a tax-efficient policy for a director or single employee. A simple level term life insurance product, it is placed in a specific trust to ensure its tax efficiency. The premiums are tax deductible and any benefit payable should a claim arise is also paid out tax free, which makes it an attractive product for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

No one knows when exactly they need life insurance, and when they do, it might be too late

As with other financial decisions in life, it pays to start early. Speaking to award-winning FCA-authorised advisers is one of the best steps you can take to secure a great insurance plan for your family with minimal hassle

Why is it important to get life insurance early?

👉 Many people are very thankful that they had their life, income protection, and critical illness insurance cover in place before running into some serious issues. Critical illness and income protection insurance is as important as life insurance for protecting your family's finances.

👉 We insure our cars, houses, bicycles and even bags! Yet our life and health are the most precious things we have.

Easily one of the most important insurance purchases an individual or family can make in their lifetime, the decision to buy life, income protection, critical illness and private medical health insurance can be made much simpler with the help of FCA-authorised advisers. They are the specialists who do the searching and analysis helping people choose between various types of life insurance policies available in the market, including income protection, critical illness and other types of policies most suitable to the client's individual circumstances.

It certainly won't do any harm if you speak with one of our award-winning FCA-authorised insurance partner experts who are passionate about advising people on financial matters related to life insurance and are keen to provide you with a free consultation.

You can discuss with them in detail what affordable life, income protection, critical illness or private medical health insurance plan for the necessary peace of mind they would recommend! WeCovr works with some of the best advisers in the market.

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